The Essential Festival Packing List


  1. You're going to want props! This year, we won't be offering props in the rooms but you can snag a "prop packet" at checkin if you don't feel like lugging it all to the festival. We've put together an adorable bundle with a pretty yoga  blanket, 2 foam blocks, & a strap for $40 (can be purchased ahead through eventbrite).  

  2. A yoga mat is an obvious addition but if you don't have one, swing by Yoloha Yoga's booth in Mountain Air Market and purchase one of their beautiful and sustainable cork mats. They commissioned our favorite artist, Annie Riker, to design a limited edition LoveShinePlay mat just for you!

  3. The weather in Asheville is unpredictable - we're in the mountains! Be sure to prepare for rain, sun, & wind. Wendy Newman Has jaw dropping umbrellas themed with iconic Asheville architecture.  

  4. You don't have to pack an item of clothing if you swing by  our Market before your classes. There are so many vendors with adorable outfits, you won't know where to begin!

  5. Be sure to download the Sched app on your device so that you'll have access to your schedule all weekend long. You can bring a paper ticket or your phone to check in to the festival and your classes.

  6. Stay Hydrated!  We'll have water available in all of our venues, including our merch tent at the market, so bring a vessel!

  7. Several of our classes include introspection and a lot of great info, so bring your favorite journal to keep it all safe!

  8. Its good to nourish throughout the day - especially since you'll be strolling the hilly downtown of Asheville as you move from class to class. Grab a snack from one of our delicious food vendors or one of the incredible restaurants all around downtown!

  9. Make it easy to carry  all of your essentials with a mat bag or backpack. That way you won't lose anything!

  10. Be sure to bring a smile, some curiosity and an openness to new never know what (or who) you might run into!