Special Events

Our Thursday Immersions are a chance to dive a little deeper into training with some of our incredible presenters. These workshops are either 4-hours or 8-hours in length and require either a 4-day LOVE pass or a Thursday Immersion single-day pass. Attendees who have a full-day or 4-day pass will get to chose between one full-day or two half-day workshops!

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Faith Hunter

Spiritually Fly: Wisdom Meditation, & Yoga

Rooted in Faith’s life philosophy, this one-of-a-kind session creatively sprinkles golden drops of wisdom, meditation, yoga postures, breathwork, mudras, mantras, and soul stirring music into an unforgettable experience.


The practice will give you the freedom to uncover deep emotions, joyous laughter, pulsating ecstasy, and at each step you will find your way into the flow of your natural self. Starting with a reading from her book and brief lecture highlighting the Spiritually Fly Life Sutras, Faith will eloquently merge these principles into storytelling as you move with ease, fire up your soul through kriyas, drop into the depths of hips with delicious restorative, and soften your heart with meditation.


Coated in transformational intention, you will be nourished by the divine and connect to your “spiritually fly” self.


Chelsey Korus

Earth Warrior: Get Strong To Serve +

River Clean Up Project

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world and wondering what you can do about it?


Join Chelsey Korus for her third annual French Broad River clean up! This is not your average clean-up. You get to feel and see the impact you’ve made in just one day, while having a lot of fun with your community. We will head out at sunset supplied with canoes, kayaks, SUP boards and refreshments to do our part in cleaning up one of the most beautiful rivers on the East Coast. 


The day will begin on your mat with strength-building sequences designed to help you fall (more) in love with Mother Nature. Because, as Chelsey says, “We don’t protect something that we don’t love.”

This invigorating workshop includes seated and standing hip openers, wave-like motions through whole-body flows (inspired by the river that we will clean), creative core strength and stability drills, active backbends, and integrated mudra and breathwork practices.


Feel more connected to Mother Nature as you move through this empowering and heartfelt workshop that will give you the strength you’ll need to serve. 


“Traveler, there is no path, the path is made by walking” - Antonio Machado


Any change we want to see in this world, starts with us. Be the path maker.


Sierra Hollister & HawaH Kasat

Yoga &  The Path To Liberation

Here we are, living in the heart of the predicament, inhabiting a world that is at once so broken, so imperiled yet so wild, so resilient. This world, a seemingly never-ending serving of suffering and injustice is also interspersed with breath-taking beauty, raw magic, courage, kindness and bravery. How does our practice fit into this landscape of constant change and how do we live our yoga in a meaningful way? How do we hold grief and hope in the same breath, the same heart?

Issues of social justice, environmental justice, climate, service and the work of liberation will be explored through the structure of the great and universal vows of yoga and the earth-rooted “work that reconnects”.

Join Sierra and Hawah, two life-long activists and yoga practitioners for an immersive experience of the power and potential of yoga to heal and make whole, through practice, story, poetry, meditation and dialogue we will together explore the interconnectedness of all things, Through liberating ourselves, we can better serve our community, and in doing so, serve the world. 


J Miles & Shankari Goldstein

The State of Union Presents:

The intersection of mindfulness and social justice

How do we thrive globally, and cultivate trust with one another?


For far too long the yoga industry has remained silent on issues of racial inequity and inequality, and has opted out of the actual “spiritual work” of social justice. Opposition or disrupting yoga spaces was looked at as un-yogic. Many people ask what is the first step of healing from police violence, environmental impacts and our cultures’ dependence, on a capitalist system rooted in racism?  The power of yoga is the ability to draw out the best of ourselves, in order to serve our highest purpose. The practitioner of yoga has to be willing to use their practice to actively disrupt the systems of oppression from within - fear, greed, judgement - in order to move through this world heroically. True mindfulness takes into account not only yourself, but others as well.


In this workshop J Miles and Shankari Goldstein, will explore pathways that allow you to mindfully disrupt systems of oppression while maintaining a compassionate existence. We will invite in moments of curiosity to help foster deep insights and community building. These conversations, movement, and somatic practices will create a thread of interconnectedness around the eight limbs of yoga, impermanence, dharma or duty, activation, land based living, and reconciliation. 


We all have the seed of buddha nature within - how are you the sower of your seeds going to nurture and water them, so that they may flourish and change the world?