Thursday Immersions

Our Thursday Immersions are a chance to dive a little deeper into training with some of our incredible presenters. These workshops are either 4-hours or 8-hours in length and require either a 4-day LOVE pass or a Thursday Immersion single-day pass. Attendees who have a full-day or 4-day pass will get to chose between one full-day or two half-day workshops!

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Discover the healing power of the Chakra System and the 10 Light Bodies. Faith will discuss the origins of directing energy throughout India, Africa, and other ancient cultures. Drawing from Faith’s online Chakra videos and meditation recordings, learn how to incorporate hatha yoga, restorative yoga, Kundalini kriyas, mudras, mantras, meditation, and pranayama into your teaching. Explore transformative techniques of how energy shifts within the human body, and take home a toolbox brimming with healing technology.

Energetic Sequencing: 

Chakras and the Ten Bodies

Faith Hunter

Taylor Harkness


Being a yoga teacher takes a lot of time, work, energy and commitment— and from the moment you teach your first class, you begin sharing an intimate piece of yourself. Many of us know what it’s like to lose inspiration to the hustle and grind of teaching multiple private clients, juggling a busy class schedule, and not having enough time for your own practice. This day-long escape was designed to refresh your methods, to re-inspire your teaching, and to bring you together with peers and colleagues to help answer a lot of the questions behind exactly why we do what we do.

Finding Your Framework: A Teachers Lab

Taylor Harkness



Journey to into the cave of the heart. Explore the power of movement, yoga nidra and meditation designed to heal the heart.

The Yoga Sutras describes a place within us that is luminous and radiant, an eternal light that is the essence of joy and freedom. In this immersion, we will take a deep dive into the cave of the heart to remember our radiance and power. Inspired by the teachings of yoga, Sri Vidya and the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra we will explore movement, meditation, mantra, kriya, self-inquiry, and yoga nidra as portals into awakening clarity, vitality and inner knowing. 

Please bring: Yoga mat, journal, eye pillow and shawl

Igniting the Flame of The Heart

Tracee Stanley



Are you feeling overwhelmed by the state of the world and wondering what you can do about it?

Join Chelsey Korus for her third annual French Broad River clean up! This is not your average clean-up. You get to feel and see the impact you’ve made in just one day, while having a lot of fun with your community. We will head out at sunset supplied with canoes, kayaks, SUP boards and refreshments to do our part in cleaning up one of the most beautiful rivers on the East Coast.

The day will begin on your mat with strength-building sequences designed to help you fall (more) in love with Mother Nature. Because, as Chelsey says, We don’t protect something that we don’t love.

This invigorating workshop includes seated and standing hip openers, wave-like motions through whole-body flows (inspired by the river that we will clean), creative core strength and stability drills, active backbends, and integrated mudra and breathwork practices.

Feel more connected to Mother Nature as you move through this empowering and heartfelt workshop that will give you the strength you’ll need to serve.

Traveler, there is no path, the path is made by walking - Antonio Machado

Any change we want to see in this world, starts with us. Be the path maker.

Earth Warrior: Get Strong To Serve +

River Clean Up Project

Chelsey Korus

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